Our Mission

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The Levinson Foundation is a Jewish family foundation incorporated in 1955 by Max Levinson, a Philadelphia businessman and philanthropist. We make grants to nonprofit organizations committed to developing a more just, caring, ecological and resilient world. We seek people and organizations that combine idealism, dedication and genuine concern with rigorous analysis and strategic plans, and that foster a sense of social connection, mutual recognition and solidarity.

Our funding is distributed among three categories:

Environment: including Protection of Ecosystems and Biological Diversity; Fossil Fuel Resistance and Alternative Energy; Sustainable Agriculture and Local Green Economic Development; Climate Change; and the Development of Environmental Movements.

Social: including the Promotion of a More Democratic, Equitable, Just and Rewarding Society, World Peace; Protection of Civil and Human Rights;  Alternative Media; Community-Based Economic Development; Youth Leadership; and Violence Prevention and Response.

Jewish/Israel: including Jewish Culture, Religion, and Spirituality; Yiddish; Building Jewish Community in the Diaspora; Jewish Organizations for Social Change; and Peace, Social, and Environmental Issues in Israel.

We accept proposals by invitation only. Grants are mostly in the $30,000 range. There are no deadlines. To determine eligibility please submit a Letter of Inquiry.